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Looking for support,

and research-based solutions?

School offer little advice outside of lowered expectations and medications?

Do you know your child has enormous potential, but their grades are not currently reflective of that?

 Has your loved one experienced traumatic brain injury or post concussion syndrome?

Are unexpected learning challenges emerging? 


Saint Petersburg, Florida

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Science Behind Concussions

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 Brain Gain supports St. Petersburg families through cognitive assessment and training to monitor and enhance cognitive growth.


Our research-based screenings pinpoint essential skills that are not functioning at their full capabilities. Following screenings, our training offers opportunities to strengthen cognitive performance if selected. This training has helped those with a variety of learning difficulties. Our program focuses on identifying the source of the challenge, strengthening areas with room for growth, and looking at the whole child, instead of labeling, medicating, or lowering expectations.


Brain Gain concentrates on developing the foundational and fundamental skills needed for learning: cognitive skills, processing abilities, and executive functions.


The brain, and these skills, can change throughout a person's life for many different reasons. These skills are affected by concussions, traumatic brain injuries, and prolonged high-stress levels, which results in impaired performance on the field and the classroom. 


Introduction to the Gibson Cognitive Skills Assessment 

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

This screening is the first step toward identifying the root cause of the struggle. Unlike other tests, like IQ, individual skills are equally taken into consideration. Instead of providing a single composite score.  This process outlines an understanding of functioning of various important processes throughout a scope of increasingly challenging mental games. The screening aids in the development of an individualized program that targets weaker skills in order to strengthen them. 

12-14 week program focused on strengthening weaker cognitive skills that are the cause of learning difficulties. PACE works by providing fast and visible changes in academics and beyond.

Paired with our PACE program Master the Code helps students struggling with Auditory and Visual based issues. This program is unique, it ensures the student completely understands the sound before learning its varying spelling codes during this 24 week program (including PACE).

Joined by the student's guardians we discuss the results of the screening. Diving into the student's strengths, areas of improvement, and the impact current skill functioning has in daily life. If one or more of the cognitive skills are weak the client may be selected as a candidate for cognitive and processing enhancement.

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