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I see unique skill sets in those children who struggle academically. Unlike students who grasp concepts quickly, these children have an unrivaled sense of drive. Determination and hard work are a constants for them. These students, armed with stronger cognitive skills can become an unstoppable force. 

My personal experience includes facing struggles to achieve as an elementary school student. I had difficulty remembering material both in and outside of school, which caused immense frustration. My parents knew I was a bright child but could not understand why my grades were not reflective of that. After working with a cognitive trainer through the PACE program for twelve weeks, I improved from C's and D's on my report cards to achieving straight A's in all my subjects. My memory and processing were noticeably improved both in and outside of the classroom. My feelings regarding school had completely transformed. 


These improvements enhanced my school career in a way I never imagined. Before PACE, school was a source of frustration and struggle. After completing the twelve-week PACE program, school became a place where I began to appreciate the joy of learning.  To this day, I am thankful for my disability because it taught me the power of hard work and perseverance. I am even more grateful, however, for the PACE program that was the springboard for my educational journey. ​

I went on to achieve Dean's List and Honors for my grades throughout high school, and then at University. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and two minors in Education and Marketing. I then went on to receive my certification as a Cognitive Trainer through Processing and Cognitive Enhancement (PACE) and Master the Code (MTC) programs, the very programs that facilitated my success so many years ago. I am currently the sole provider of these two programs in the state of Connecticut.  I have the confidence that through my Cognitive Training program, I can help end students' academic struggles. I have the passion and desire to help children achieve their full potential.


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