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  • Keeping up with the class

  • Following directions

  • Issues sounding out words

  • Reading comprehension 

  • Struggling to keep up academically after a head injury, concussion or traumatic brain injury

  • Experiencing frustration and self-esteem issues

  • Uncompleted schoolwork adding to homework struggles

  • Difficulty listening

  • Working too hard yet still not succeeding academically

  • Avoiding complicated work

  • Struggling with seemingly simple tasks

  • Disruptive behavior in the classroom

  • Attention issues

Do you or someone you love experience one or more of these struggles?

The PACE program is an intense research based training method that strengthens underlying cognitive skills. It is designed to help children and adults, age six and older, improve their weak underlying learning skills. Significant gains will be seen in this twelve week program, helping students learn easier, think faster and perform better.  

The PACE program focuses on a myriad of major learning skills which include: attention, working memory, processing speed, logic and reasoning, auditory processing, visual processing and long term memory.

Master the Code is our sound-to-code based reading and spelling program, helping students build a solid foundation to sound out words and gain confidence in reading and spelling. 

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Not only are we trained to work with individuals with learning disabilities, we also have personal experience with learning issues and overcoming  these challenges through the PACE program. We are the first provider to bring this international, research-based program to Connecticut. PACE offers a new type of solution, one that allows children to reach their full potential.


If you think cognitive training could help make you or your loved ones life easier, we urge you to schedule your Brain Skills Assessment.

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