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I already have a diagnosis. Why should I take this assessment?

  • Brain Gains Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills is designed to observe and measure the functioning of 7 core processes. These processes are often used in harmony, but when one is not functioning fully, it can make learning difficult. Usually, diagnosis results from a deficit in cognitive processes, but diagnosis rarely leads to treatment incorporating the strengthening of cognitive and executive functions. Brain Gain has set out to change that. 

  • Research in the area of cognitive and executive processes is growing, and as research mounts, our assessment and treatments should be evolving along with the acknowledgment of milestones in research and data. Brain Gain strives to stay up to date on the latest cognitive skills and executive functioning research.

Is brain training just for students?

  • Cognitive training has helped thousands in the United States with varying diagnoses. This training has helped both students as well as adults. We are incorporating the best and latest scientific research in cognitive training. 

  • Cognitive and executive functions are life skills. They are the way we perceive, analyze, understand, remember and interpret the world around us. The speed at which incoming information is processed is just as important for driving as math class. 

  • So, in short, cognitive training is helpful for people of all ages, especially if a head injury is part of one's medical history. 

My child doesnt have a concussion or learning disability
Tutoring v. Cog Training