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What are Cognitive and Processing Skills

Screening and Consultation

Through our Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills Assessment, we determine which specific cognitive and processing skills have been impacted. These skills allow us to listen actively, identify, remember, understand, and interpret information presented.


Following the assessment, the parent consultation is crucial in grasping a better understanding of current skill functioning, the effects of daily life and desired future goals.





After the Assessment and consultation, eligibility will be determined for our research-based training, strengthening identified skills with room for improvement. The neuroplasticity process begins a chain-like reaction of re-wiring the brain which, in turn, enhances various cognitive and processing abilities. Daily tasks involve activation of a handful of cognitive, processing and executive functions.


The use of sequencing, loading and training exercises in a rigorous one-on-one setting is essential for enhancement. The goal is to strengthen to grow undeveloped cognitive and processing skills quickly.


This process produces long-lasting changes that enables children to learn independently and effectively to help them achieve their potential. 

Children want to succeed in school, but without the development of these underlying skills, we find a common pattern: working too hard with little success. Often, experiencing immense frustration along the way. This frustration eventually can lead to avoidance of subjects or school altogether. (statistic about dropout rates).


Cognitive learning skills are vital to learn easier, think faster and perform better. Introduction of the PACE program can change your child's academic trajectory. Empowering a positive impact on future education and learning opportunities.

The Science Behind Cognitive Training

Thrive, Succeed, Achieve

A Solution for Reading Struggles

Master the Code is a unique program that is structured in the same way the spoken language is originally learned (sound-to-code) and is based on the latest research in reading interventions.


This program is ideal for those struggling with reading, spelling and who have ineffective habits of reading.


Training accurate recognition and understanding of letters, the combinations of letters, and those corresponding sounds are the core of Master the Code. In order to be a efficient and effective reader it is essential to develop a solid foundational knowledge of the English language.


Master the Code paired with PACE can help solidify this foundation in struggling students. 





Both reading and spelling skills are improved through Master the Code. Often the root cause of reading and spelling struggles are due to deficiencies in a particular mental skill.


Research has found a strong link between the ability to manipulate sounds in words and the ability to read.


The three main issues are often blending sounds, separating individual sounds in a word and analyzing the multiple sounds within a word.


Master the Code focuses in depth on these areas in order to correct and strengthen these skills.

Discover the Underlying Cause

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Major Skills Necessary for Reading and S

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